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California Fast Food
Safety Association





Group Number: 8H

Solicitation and enrollment of California Fast Food members is open to all California agents.


Administrative Agent: Kevin Osborne (96 59 334)

  1419 Burlingame Avenue, Suite O Burlingame, CA 94010 Phone: 650-347-1717 Fax: 650-347-1707 Kevin@KevinOsborne.com


Governing Classifications: 9079(8) - Restaurants – Fast Food - All Employees


Must have at least 51% of the principal payroll assigned to class code 9079(8) and be part of one of the following franchises:

A&W Root Beer                         Eric’s Deli Cafι             McDonald’s     

            Arby’s Roast Beef                     El Pollo Loco                 Nation’s Giant Hamburger                     

            Boston Market                           Foster’s Freeze            Popeye’s Chicken                                

            Burger King                               Fresh Choice                 Quizno’s Subs                                     

            Carl’s Jr.                                  Happi House                 Taco Bell                                              

            Church’s Fried Chicken             High Tech Burrito           360 Degrees Gourmet Burrito                                

            Clarke’s Charcoal Broiler           In-N-Out Burger              Uno Mas

Dairy Queen                              Jack-In-The-Box             Wendy’s                                             

Del Taco                                   Johnny Rockets              Wienerschnitzel                        

Douglas Burgers                        Kentucky Fried Chicken

Consider other Fast Food franchises


􀃌 Membership Advantages: - Truck Insurance Exchange rates apply.

     8% group discount applied to member’s premium.


Membership Fee $100/$10 each additional location.


Membership Application: Make check payable to CFF C/o Osborne Insurance 1419 Burlingame Avenue, Suite O Burlingame, CA 94010


*Special Underwriting:

1. Participants must have been in the business a minimum of one year.

2. A prior carrier face sheet and 1 to 4 years of loss experience depending on time in business must accompany all new business submissions.

3. Business cannot be open after 11:00pm.*

4. Each participant must have an effective loss control safety program or agrees to implement such a program with Farmers assistance.

*Guidelines for fast food restaurants that are open after 11:00 pm:

Eligible accounts:

1. Drive-through service only with secured pass through windows

2. Inside and outside security cameras

3. Must have inside restrooms only

4. Three or more employees including a shift manager in attendance at all times.

Ineligible accounts:

1. 24 - hour locations unless they represent less than 10% of the total restaurant payroll.

2. Evidence of robbery/burglary related claims All eligible accounts open after 11:00pm will be underwritten in Farmers Insurance Exchange with no schedule rating available.

If written, the above criteria will be subject to loss control.

*Association Products and Services: - Quarterly safety committee meetings - Newsletter

*Comments: For a copy of the association application, contact the administrative agent.






C.F.F. c/o © Kevin Osborne Insurance Agency
1419 Burlingame Avenue, Suite 0  |  Burlingame, California 94010
Phone: (650) 347~1717  |  Fax: (650) 347~1707
California License Number: 0777515